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Why We Do What We Do!

The number of children living in poverty continues to rise in New Jersey, as measured by the newest edition of the Kids Count report for the state. Almost one-third of all New Jersey children -646,000 were considered low income, which is defined as living in a family with an income at twice the federal poverty limit. 

New Jersey Kids Fashion Week (NJKFW) was formned to assist in eradicating poverty and provide resources to this underserved population. 

NJKFW is a  non profit organization with the sole purpose of reaching out to children in need, as well as the community. Throughout the year we will hosts events and workshops to raise money for children, sponsor related necessities, and workshops, as well as train children on how to become more conscience of everyday life skills. 

NJKFW launched in September of 2016 with a fun filled 2 day weekend of family friendly and children focused activities with a fasion show at the anchor.  The 2 day weekend will boasts with a night of awards and recognition coupled with entertainment. 

As all but 3 counties are increasing in child poverty this is not only a problem for the wide shoulders of NJKFW, but represents not only a community but a natioanl level of community organizations and corporations to reach impactful milestones in the fight against child poverty. 

                                              We cannot do it alone. Won't you help?


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